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Best Knee Supports for Tendonitis 2024

10 January 2024

Tendonitis, or "jumper's knee" as its colloquially known, is a very common overuse issue that has long plagued athletes and sports players. Movements such as running or jumping place repeated stress on the patella tendon, causing small tears that multiply with continued activity, significantly weakening the knee joint.

Giving the knees a break from activity is the best way to treat this condition, but when you feel fit enough to return, a knee support will prevent you from slipping back into debilitation. We asked our manufacturers to recommend their Best Knee Supports for Tendonitis, and listed them in this article to help you return to action safely.

What Will This Guide Cover?

Now that we've established what tendonitis is, it's time to find out how you can treat it. Below is a list of all our best supports for tendonitis, which come recommended by our manufacturers. Click the links below to go straight to the category that is most applicable to you.

Best Overall Knee Support for Tendonitis

Winner: Actimove Everyday Open-Patella Knee Brace with Four Stays

Actimove Everyday Open-Patella Knee Brace with Four Stays

Why We Love It...

 Provides firm compression to encourage healthy blood flow
 Four spiral stays offer flexible support for an unstable knee
 Stretch fabric and flexible stays allow unrestricted movement
 Seamless anatomical design ensures a high level of comfort

Perfect For...

 Mild-moderate cases of tendonitis
 Moderate activity levels
 Everyday use, walking, light sports activities

Not the Best For...

 Severe tendonitis (See our solution)
 Adjustable Compression (See our solution)

Our Verdict: Conveniently priced, relentlessly efficient and made from soft, skin-friendly materials, the Actimove Everyday Knee Support breezes to our top spot. Warm anatomical compression eases pain and tension in the tendon, while the four flexible stays work tirelessly to keep unstable knees in place.

See What Our Customers Say: "I have tried many knee supports... but so far, this one has given me the best support and confidence when out walking" - Stephen

Runner Up: Ultimate Performance Wraparound Runner's Knee Support Strap

Best Patella Tendon Knee Strap for Tendonitis

Winner: Ultimate Performance Advanced Patella Tendon Knee Strap

Ultimate Performance Advanced Patella Tendon Knee Strap

Why We Love It...

 Provides targeted compression directly across the tendon
 Minimalistic design is highly supportive, but not restrictive
 Adjustable strap allows tailored fitting and compression
 High wicking material improves moisture control and hygiene

Perfect For...

 Mild cases of tendonitis
 Moderate activity levels
 Football, athletics, basketball, everyday use

Not the Best For...

 Knee coverage (See our solution)
 Severe tendonitis (See our solution)

Our Verdict: Despite its small stature, the Ultimate Performance Advanced Patella Strap provides excellent support for tendonitis by placing pressure directly across the patella tendon. This localised pressure takes the edge off when performing repetitive movements such as running, jumping or lifting.

When We Asked Ultimate Performance, They Said: "The Advanced Patella Tendon Strap provides more tightness around the patella to encourage correct tracking, stopping the knee from floating around"

Runner Up: LP Neoprene Patella Knee Strap

Best Running Knee Support for Tendonitis

Winner: Ultimate Performance Wraparound Runner's Knee Support Strap

Ultimate Performance Wraparound Runner's Knee Support Strap

Why We Love It...

 Compression tubes target the patella tendon to relieve strain
 Three separate compartments protect each area of the knee
 Minimalistic design gives the wearer freedom to move
 Adjustable strapping system to ensure the optimal fit

Perfect For...

 Moderate-severe tendonitis
 Moderate activity levels
 Football, running, rugby, everyday use

Not the Best For...

 Patella tracking (See our solution)
 Sitting or standing still (See our solution)

Our Verdict: With multiple compartments focused on key areas around the knee, the Ultimate Performance Runner's Knee Strap helps combat a range of conditions at once, not just tendonitis. The lower strap provides direct pressure over the patella tendon to relive tendonitis, and its open, minimalist design makes it ideal for active use.

See What Our Customers Say: "I have used the Runner's Knee Strap for a few weeks and the knee is feeling better. It has given me more confidence to slowly increase my running distance" - Neil 

Runner Up: Thuasne Genuaction Elastic Knee Support

Best Compression Knee Support for Tendonitis

Winner: Ossur Black Form Fit Pro Compression Knee Support

Ossur Black Form Fit Pro Compression Knee Support

Why We Love It...

 Provides medical-grade compression to relieve tendon pain
 Dynamic 3D structure ensures support in critical areas
 StayBiliser hinges align your knee to the optimal position
 Breathable CoolVent fabric provides superior comfort

Perfect For...

 Moderate cases of tendonitis
 Mild-moderate activity levels
 Walking, shopping, light exercise

Not the Best For...

 Affordability (See our solution)
 Wearing beneath clothing (See our solution)

Our Verdict: Combining multiple advanced technologies to match its futuristic look, the Ossur Form Fit Pro offers excellent technical support alongside certified medical-grade compression. Proven as one of the most comfortable braces on the market, this dynamic knee sleeve shrinks tendonitis pain while enhancing proprioception.

When We Asked Ossur, They Said: "The Ossur Form Fit Pro meets certified medical grade compression requirements and has been proven to be superior to the leading brands at moisture wicking and breathability"

Runner Up: Thuasne Silistab Genu Elastic Patella Knee Brace

Best Tendonitis Knee Support for Construction Work

Winner: Rehband PRN Speed Neoprene Knee Pad Support (5mm)

Rehband PRN Speed Neoprene Knee Pad Support (5mm)

Why We Love It...

 5mm thick lining protects against impacts and abrasions
 High-quality SBR neoprene provides heated compression
 Unique anatomical design ensures support in the key areas
 Low friction material prevents the brace from rubbing at work

Perfect For...

 Mild cases of tendonitis
 Moderate activity levels
 Construction work, kneeling, impact sports

Not the Best For...

 Severe tendonitis (See our solution)
 Wearing in warm weather (See our solution)

Our Verdict: Although typically used for impact sports such as volleyball or wrestling, the Rehband PRN Knee Pad is also a great fit for construction workers who spend a lot of time kneeling on rough, hard surfaces. With a thick 5mm neoprene lining, this sleeve helps combat tendonitis pain while protecting you from bumps and bruises at work.

Runner Up: LP Deluxe Neoprene Knee Pad

Best Tendonitis Knee Support for Walking

Winner: Donjoy Tru Pull Lite Knee Support

Donjoy Tru Pull Lite Knee Support

Why We Love It...

 Applies consistent corrective force on the patella
 Independent pull straps bring the patella back into place
 Anti-microbial wicking fabric ensures breathable comfort
 Removable plastic hinges provide extra stability if needed

Perfect For...

 Moderate-severe cases of tendonitis
 Moderate activity levels
 Long walks, hiking, everyday use or at work

Not the Best For...

 Wearing underneath clothing (See our solution)
 Warm weather use (See our solution)

Our Verdict: As its name suggests, the Donjoy Tru Pull is designed to apply a "true" pull on the knee through applied corrective force. A unique patella wrapping system holds the patella securely in place, and prevents excessive force on the tendon to mitigate strain while out on a relaxing country walk.

See What Our Customers Say: "It's so supportive I walked three hours this weekend and no pain" - Callum

Runner Up: Donjoy Reaction Web Knee Brace

What Are The Warning Signs of Tendonitis?

How can you tell whether knee pain is caused by tendonitis, and not another condition? There are a few tell-tale signs that implicate tendonitis as the culprit of knee pain; these are listed below. If you're regularly active or have a chronic illness and you begin to experience these symptoms, it is possible that you are suffering from tendonitis.

  • Dull pain in the tendon that gets worse when you move
  • Difficulty moving the joint with the same flexibility
  • Feeling a slight grating or cracking sensation when you move
  • Swelling and inflammation, sometimes with heat or redness

Disclaimer: We are not medically trained and so the list above should be used as a guideline only. We recommend visiting a doctor for a full diagnosis of your symptoms.

Say Ta-Ta to Tendonitis 

Tendonitis can cause a great deal of pain and frustration, getting in the way of sports activities and everyday life. We hope this article has shown you that there is a way back to normality. With these high-quality braces, you can jump start your recovery and leave tendonitis behind sooner than you think.

Got any questions about our knee supports? Let us know in the comments and we'd be more than happy to help.