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Best Knee Supports for Osteoarthritis 2024

1 January 2024

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting around 8.5 million people currently in the UK. The symptoms include grating pain, joint stiffness, and an inability to move. When osteoarthritis starts to impact the knee, everyday life can suddenly become much more difficult, which is why many doctors recommend using a knee brace to stop the symptoms.

We know that choosing a knee support can be hard, due to the many different brands, styles and materials to choose from. That's why we went out and found the Best Knee Supports for Osteoarthritis, so you can find the one that's right for you with little effort on your part.

What Does This Guide Have In Store?

Our guide covers the best available knee supports across various categories. Follow the links below to go straight to what you're looking for.

Best Overall Knee Support for Osteoarthritis

Winner: Thuasne Action Reliever Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Thuasne Action Reliever Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Why We Love It...

 Dynamic three-point pressure system relieves joint strain
 Rigid adjustable hinges provide firm support on the affected area
 Works by offloading pressure to prevent further degeneration
 Soft, skin-friendly materials offer superior wearer comfort

Perfect For...

 Moderate-to-severe cases of arthritis
 Moderate activity levels
 Tennis, golf, hiking, running , bowling and more


 Not the best for people on a budget (See our solution)
 Strapping makes it a little bit bulky (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: The Thuasne Action Reliever Knee Brace takes our top spot because it has been clinically proven to lower pain on exertion after an eight week period. It works by offloading pressure away from the area of the knee that has degenerated, allowing you to move freely without pain or stiffness. 

When We Asked Thuasne, They Said: "Our study shows that by wearing the brace, the pain on exertion was reduced and the pain-free distance extended. Patients who wore a brace for two years or more did not require surgery at eight years follow-up"

Runner Up: Ottobock Agilium Reactive Osteoarthritis Knee Brace 

Best Active Knee Support for Osteoarthritis

Winner: Ultimate Performance Advanced Elastic Compression Knee Support

Ultimate Performance Advanced Elastic Compression Knee Support

Why We Love It...

 Provides gradual compression to relieve pain and tenderness
 Elasticated material moves with the body to prevent restriction
 Tailored fit provides ergonomic support and an ideal fit
 Non-neoprene material provides a cool, fresh feel

Perfect For...

 Mild sprains and strain
 High activity levels
 Suitable for sensitive skin


 Lack of hinged stability (See our solution)
 Not the best for severe levels of pain (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Designed with athletes in mind, the Ultimate Performance Elastic Knee Support is best for those who won't let arthritis disrupt their active lifestyle. Using an elastic knitted fabric, this lightweight sleeve provides gradual compression to dispel pain and tenderness without restricting movement at all.

When We Asked Ultimate Performance, They Said: "This support does everything that neoprene does, but is more comfortable" 

Runner Up: Thuasne Sport Hinged Patella Knee Brace

Best Osteoarthritis Knee Support for Knee Replacement

Winner: Donjoy OA Nano Offloading Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Donjoy OA Nano Offloading Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Why We Love It...

 Four-point hinge system offers phenomenal relief
 Can be used to prevent the need for surgery
 Advanced offloading technology removes almost all pain
 Aircraft-quality aluminium makes the brace nice and light

Perfect For...

 Severe cases of osteoarthritis
 moderate activity levels
 Hiking, running, golf, boules and more


 Not the easiest to fit (See our solution)
 Can't be worn under trousers (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of knee replacement surgeries, as the degeneration of the knee joint can get so bad that walking becomes impossible. The Donjoy OA Nano Knee Brace is the best option for post-op treatment, as it makes use of innovative four-point hinge technology to effectively take all of the pressure away from your knee.

When We Asked Donjoy, They Said:  "This knee brace is ideal for people who need a knee replacement, and can be worn right up until the day of surgery"

Runner Up: Donjoy OA Adjuster 3 Offloading Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Best Compression Knee Support for Osteoarthritis

Winner: LP Extreme Open Patella Knee Support

Ossur Neoprene Wraparound Hinged Patella Knee Support

Why We Love It...

 Provides firm compression to promote blood flow and stop pain
 Open patella improves stability while making it easier to move
 Extra padding around the kneecap helps reduce tension
 Special Coolprene material provides breathability and comfort 

Perfect For...

 Mild-to-moderate cases of arthritis 
 Mild-moderate activity levels
 Dog walking, city walks, shopping etc


 Not adjustable (See our solution)
 Gets quite warm when worn for long periods (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Any doctor will tell you that compression is key when trying to reduce pain, as this will help promote blood circulation to accelerate natural healing. The LP Extreme Knee Support does this with firm all-round compression courtesy of its high-grade, closed-cell neoprene material.

When We Asked Ossur, They Said: "The hinges provide more stability so you can feel safer when you move"

Runner Up: Actimove Everyday Closed-Patella Compression Knee Brace

Best Shock-Absorbing Knee Support for Osteoarthritis

Winner: Donjoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace

Donjoy OA Reaction Web Left Medial/Right Lateral Knee Brace

Why We Love It...

 Web mesh material absorbs impacts while walking or running
 Offloading hinges further stabilise and protect the joint
 Lightweight materials make it easy to stay active
 Open front design provides unbeatable breathability

Perfect For...

 Moderate cases of arthritis
 Moderate activity levels
 Hiking, running, minor sports use


 Uncomfortable without the undersleeve (See our solution)
 It helps prevent pain but doesn't do much to relieve pain (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: The knees bear the brunt of most impacts when walking or running, which can be especially painful for people with arthritis. The Donjoy OA Reaction Brace helps limit the pain dealt by these impacts thanks to its unique webbed shaped design, which absorbs vibrations to significantly reduce strain.

When We Asked Donjoy, They Said: "Excellent OA support that also keeps the patella in place"

Runner Up: Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Knee Brace

Best Warming Knee Support for Osteoarthritis

Winner: Actimove Arthritis Care Warming Knee Support

Ultimate Performance Adjustable Open Patella Knee Support with Straps

Why We Love It...

 Ceramic fibres provide warming compression
 Warms the joint to prevent arthritis stiffness and pain
 Gradual compression aids blood circulation and healing
 Latex and neoprene-free for reduced irritation

Perfect For...

 Mild cases of osteoarthritis
 Mild-to-moderate activity 
 Dog walking, country walks and light sports activity


 Gets warm when worn for long periods (See our solution)
 Offers little stability (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Stiffness is one of the main symptoms of arthritis, which can make it hard to keep moving. Made with special ceramic fibres, the Actimove Care Warming Knee Support is designed to warm the area to alleviate joint stiffness. This makes it much easier to walk around without pain or tightness holding you back.

See What Our Customers Say: "This knee support has made walking so much easier, thank you" - Beryl

Runner Up: Donjoy Rotulax Padded Patella Knee Support

Best Value Knee Support for Osteoarthritis

Winner: Oppo Pull-On Elastic Knee Support

Donjoy Fortilax Elastic Everyday Knee Support

Why We Love It...

 Elasticated support provides gradual compression
 Improves proprioceptive awareness and muscle coordination
 Four-way stretch ensures that movement is never restricted
 Low-cost price for people in need of an affordable support

Perfect For...

 Mild cases of arthritis
 Moderate activity 
 Budget restraints


 Only provides mild pain relief (See our solution)
 Not adjustable (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Looking for reliable pain relief on a budget? The LP Elastic Knee Support offer fantastic compressive treatment for a bargain price. Its elastic material is designed to gradually compress the area, improving muscle coordination and blood circulation for optimal pain relief.

Runner Up: LP Closed Patella Neoprene Knee Support

Best Knee Ice Pack for Knee Replacement

Winner: The Aircast Knee Cold Therapy Cryo Cuff and Cooler Bundle

Thuasne Sport Light Open Patella Knee Support

Why We Love It...

 Provides ice cold targeted compression for up to 8 hours
 Uses a gravity-fed system to continually recirculate the water
 Anatomically shaped cuff offers complete knee coverage
✔ Safe to use and easy to setup

Perfect For...

 Knee replacements
 Post-workout recovery
 Arthritis and tendonitis

Try an Upgrade: Enjoy automatic compression with the Aircast Cryo/Cuff with Automatic Therapcy IC Cooler


Editor's Verdict: For people with severe cases of osteoarthritis, knee replacement surgery may be unavoidable. Recovering from surgery can be a long, hard process, but icing the knees makes all the difference, with Doctors recommending ice-pack therapy 3-4 times per day for the first few weeks. That's where the Aircast Cryo/Cuff Cooler Bundle comes in, this premium ice pack re-circulates ice cold water around the knee to ensure lasting, hassle-free relief.

See What Our Customers Say: "My wife had a second knee replacement - the Aircast system has been brilliant in reducing swelling and lowering pain - she just wishes she had purchased when she had her first knee replaced!"

Runner Up: Dura Soft Knee Sleeve Knee Ice Pack Wrap

Take Control of Knee Pain

Don't let knee pain dictate your life. The knee supports we've highlighted here will help you manage knee pain effectively, so you can continue everyday life as normal. However, if none of the braces we've shown seem right for you, there are more to choose from in our full range of knee supports for osteoarthritis.

Have any further questions or anything to add? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments down below.